6 WCCAP Taught by Frank Reeves

This course was designed with two persons in mind: actors who want to brush up on the basics, or beginners who want to decide whether acting is for them.  Cover the basics of acting, add to your demo reel and prepare for auditions!

This night class meets twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7 to 11pm over the course of 6 weeks.  Learn the basics of scene study, improvisation and audition technique.  You will be assigned a scene that will be filmed during the last few classes.  You can add this clip to your demo reel on your quest to secure an agent!

The instructor for the 6 Week Crash Course in Acting has rotated through a number of different working actors depending on their availability, so make sure you call and ask who will be teaching!

Hollywood Film and Acting Academy is now offering a 6-Week acting course for new actors or actors that want to touch up on their technique.

Class will cover:
Scene Study
Audition techniques.

By the end of the course you will have an understanding of how to break down a script to find the beats in a scene and know how to stay in character and play it truthfully. You will also know how to create different characters for different situations and think fast on your feet. This course not only teaches you how to think like an actor it also takes you one step further by giving you the secrets to auditioning and the business.

As bonus Hollywood Film & Acting Academy will professionally Write, Shoot, and Edited a 2-minute scene that can be added to your demo real.

Monday & Wednesday Nights
7pm – 11pm

Classes 1-3 Improv
Classes 4-6 Scene Study
Classes 7-9 Audition Techniques
Classes 10-12 Shooting your scene

Frank Reeves

Here is a brief bio on Frank Reeves.

Frank started his career as an actor working on Broadway and various Off-

Broadway shows in New York. He has trained with some the best Acting teachers in the world.

He was first invited into the Actors Studio by Lee Srasberg, as a professional observer while he was working as “Luis”, one of the leads in “Runaways” on Broadway. He is now a lifetime member of the studio. From here he studied with many of it’s members including Madeline Sherwood, Shelly Winters, Susan Peretz, John Srasberg, Susan Cohen, Eric Morris, Geraldine Barron, Ernie Martin, Martin Landau, Mark Rydel, as well as the great Stella Adler and Al Russio who taught him Sandy Meisner’s method.

In New York, he has worked on Broadway, Off Broadway and Off Off Broadway as well as industrials, commercials, music video’s, (Two of his own) and has promoted several products in print including three billboard campaigns for Budweiser, Newport Cigarettes, and Benson and Hedges Cigarettes.

Frank was also lead-singer for “Slim” which was handled by Sam Mckeith of the William Morris Agency and opened the show for Chaka Khan at the Felt Forum. He also opened a show for Michael Boltan at Nirvana.

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